Selecting A Taxidermist


As with many other skilled trades, not all taxidermists are created equal. Different styles, training, years experience, and skill level make selecting a taxidermist for your prized trophy a important decision. You will be admiring that trophy mount for many years, so making sure it is of the highest quality is very crucial.


Evaluate a taxidermists workmanship by viewing other mounts that they have done either in someone home, or in a showroom. This will help see the different quality of workmanship from different taxidermists. Also ask them if they have been given any awards in state, national, or world taxidermy competitions. By checking and asking for yourself, you will be able to consciously decide who will handle your trophy animal.


To learn more about Meyer Taxidermy before choosing Mike as your taxidermist, please feel free to navigate around the website. Also feel free to give Mike a call with any questions you may have.

Field Care for Game Heads and Life Size Mammals


The first rule of thumb with any game head and or life size mammal is to contact your taxidermist prior to taking a hunting trip for a unfamiliar species. You will then be able to discuss details on measurements and skinning methods for specific types of game. You will then be fully prepared for when you bag your trophy and will know what steps to take to properly preserve your trophy for the best taxidermy results.


Always remember that a little goes a long way in preserving your trophy animal, so when it comes to skinning, more is always better than less. Never cut yourself short!


Smaller mammals being mounted life size should not be skinned or field dressed, and should be frozen in plastic as soon as possible to prevent spoiling.



Field Care for Birds


Birds being mounted life size should not be field dressed, if not taking to your taxidermist immediately; appropriate measures are as follows. Rinse your birds feathers free of any blood using warm water, place in plastic carefully to not mat or damage the feathers. If you birds tail feathers won't fit in a bag, leave the sticking out of the bag and place in freeze in a place where the tail feathers will not bend.



Field Care for Fish


Do not gut fish, if you are not taking your fish to the taxidermist immediately, the appropriate measures to preserve your fish are as follows. Wrap your fish in a soaking wet towel and place in a plastic bag. Be sure all fins are laying against the body flat to prevent them from being damaged. You may also want to strength the area around the tail with an additional towel to prevent bending. Lay flat in freezer.


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